Like many other writers, Rick has had a diverse and sometimes downright bizarre array of odd jobs in his life. From tour guide to barista, and gymnastics teacher to non-profit fundraiser.

These days, he lives and works in Virginia, doing something ordinary and respectable in order to keep a roof over his head and Chinese delivery in his refrigerator. He is currently working on his third novel, gallivanting around the world when he has the time and money to do so, and blogging to procrastinate on revising anything of import and actually, you know, querying agents.

He has little slips of paper stickered inside his passport allowing him unfettered entry into other sovereign nations, proving that neither border security nor cynicism are anything like they used to be. He has drunkenly pole-danced to Britney Spears in a Spanish nightclub; been thoroughly (and I mean thoroughly) searched by German airport security; lost a shoe at the Vatican; and watched his roommate get pooped on by a monkey somewhere in the wilds of India.

One might imagine this means he should learn his lesson and just bloody stay home.

One would be sadly mistaken.